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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Let’s start with the basics. What does programmatic actually mean in the context of advertising? Programmatic refers to the way that the ads placements are searched for, selected and purchased. Rather than chosen one-by-one by an individual, programmatic ads use an automated system powered by AI technology and machine learning to choose the best inventory … Continued

How to Convert More Customers Using a Full-Funnel Media Strategy

Whether you’re a small local business or a large multinational corporation, a well developed and carefully curated full-funnel media strategy is key to your customer acquisition success.    The Customer Journey   When we talk about the marketing funnel, what we’re really describing are the steps within the customer’s path to purchase. Ie. How someone … Continued

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes & Tips to Fix Them

Social media has the ability to become a profitable and integral part of your marketing engine. When done correctly, it can develop an authentic connection with your audience, increase your website conversion rate and act as a tool to build brand awareness. However, if it’s not approached correctly it can be ineffective, cumbersome  and even … Continued

Do You Actually Need a Blog?

The reason for this is quite simple: Google loves regularly published content, especially if it answers questions users are routinely asking. That is absolutely true, blogs are a great investment for some sites. It provides visibility on search engines and can really help drive your organic strategy, not to mention position your company as an … Continued

Social Media in 2022

Social media is ever changing. It’s what makes it exciting or, for many people, overwhelming. With a new year comes a new wave of tools, updates and of course, new patterns of consumption. If social media is a part of your marketing engine, it’s important to understand where things are headed so that you can … Continued

5 Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

We are waking up to see what has landed in our inbox while we were sleeping, and continuing to check an average of 20 times a day, our phones making the process almost instantaneous. With around 3.9 billion active email addresses in 2020, email marketing should be a key branch of your advertising strategy this year. … Continued