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Social Media Trends in 2023: What To Expect

From new platforms and platform updates, to shifting consumer trends and needs, the landscape is ever changing. Though social media can appear unpredictable, we’ve broken down our key takeaways from 2022 and our predictions for where things are headed for 2023.    A heightened focus on creative expression and content creators    It’s no secret … Continued

Humanizing Your Brand: What It Is and How to Start

It’s no secret that many consumers are cynical about brands (especially large ones), with ​​42% of people reporting that they distrust brands, considering them to be remote and unreachable. To combat this mistrust, you need to do things differently. You need to give your consumers a peek behind the curtain and relate to them – … Continued

How LinkedIn Can Help Your Business Thrive

However, there are two questions that most businesses are asking before investing their time, energy and dollars into increasing their brand presence on Linkedin: Is it right for my business? How do we get results? LinkedIn has grown to be the number one B2B social media marketing platform with 850 million members spread across 200 … Continued

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes & Tips to Fix Them

Social media has the ability to become a profitable and integral part of your marketing engine. When done correctly, it can develop an authentic connection with your audience, increase your website conversion rate and act as a tool to build brand awareness. However, if it’s not approached correctly it can be ineffective, cumbersome  and even … Continued

Social Media in 2022

Social media is ever changing. It’s what makes it exciting or, for many people, overwhelming. With a new year comes a new wave of tools, updates and of course, new patterns of consumption. If social media is a part of your marketing engine, it’s important to understand where things are headed so that you can … Continued